This year SilverEdge proudly announced DCI Engineers as the recipient of the 2013 Project Innovation Excellence Award. This award is given every year to recognize a client’s innovation and excellence in the use of Deltek solutions.  To make the announcement a little more fun, SilverEdge sent a singing telegram to Richard Borbe, Senior Accountant at DCI’s corporate office in Seattle, WA. The full video is below:  

Here’s a summary of the successful project they implemented with SilverEdge:

The Challenge

Without reliable metrics, management was experiencing difficulty separating the profitable clients from the less profitable clients. 

DCI did not have a solution in place other than to spend countless hours consolidating clients on a excel spreadsheet.  This process once started, was quickly out of date and was unacceptable to management.  Management’s goal was to find a workable solution to the database organization to give DCI real time client measurement metrics instead of going through this long manual process every year.  They were also looking for an organized way to sort clients for AR aging and cash management reporting.

DCI management tasked Finance to come up with a Vision solution that would consolidate Client performance metrics.  DCI has over 5,500 clients in the database, including many related corporate entities, so needed a reliable measure of revenue, profit and cash flow metrics. 

The Solution 

The solution for them was to revise the way they used the Primary Client field in the Project Info Center.  They changed the field labeling to read “Primary / Parent Client.  Then they created a “Primary Client” placeholder in the client info center for all needed associated Clients and linked all the related projects to that primary/parent .

Client locations and contacts were also copied to the new parent to keep those fields consistent with the existing info centers.  Now they can use Deltek Vision to run client metrics and AR reports by the Primary Client/ Parent field and all associated Client/Project statistics are consolidated.  They can now run Deltek Vision reports at any time to see Client performance and manage cash flow without resorting to time consuming Excel manipulation.

Now what happens that they have won?

  • SilverEdge will make a $500 donation to their charity of choice: Seattle Children’s Hospital 
  • SilverEdge has provided DCI Engineers with one complimentary registration to Deltek Insight 2013 –  Oct 14 through Oct17 in Dallas, Texas
  • SilverEdge has submitted their nomination to Deltek’s 2013 Project Excellence Awards

Congratulations DCI Engineers!