This year, SilverEdge chose two winners and three finalists for the annual SilverEdge Project Excellence Awards recognizing innovation in using Deltek solutions to meet particular business challenges. Following their tradition, SilverEdge sent a singing telegram to present awards to each of the finalists and winners.

The winners of the 2015 SilverEdge Project Excellence Award were:

  • Kevin DeWitt of Alliance Engineering, Inc‚ÄĒKevin‚Äôs project streamlined the flow of information within Alliance Engineering by integrating all critical information into a single source. Automatic updating of records, generating reports, and making information easily accessible in a timely fashion to all who need it has increased efficiency company-wide. Making creative use of Deltek Vision and Deltek‚Äôs User-Defined Info Centers was key to the transformation.
  • Richard Borbe and Carey Goetz of DCI Engineers‚ÄĒRichard and Carey had a three-pronged project that addressed accessibility of information to employees in the field, complicated calculations of benefit accruals in multiple states, and integrating over 40 classifications into company history, allowing quick access to similar projects needed for interviewing and placing bids. Creating unique information centers with Deltek‚Äôs User-Defined Info Centers was a part of each solution.¬†

Both Alliance Engineering, Inc and DCI Engineering received a pass to Deltek Insight and a $500 donation to a charity of their choice.

The finalists for the award, each receiving a $250 gift certificate were:

  • Laura Ott of Christopher B. Burke Engineers‚ÄĒLaura‚Äôs project addressed challenges the company faced managing a large fleet of vehicles and keeping track of necessary information on each one. Laura‚Äôs team customized Deltek‚Äôs User-Defined Info Centers to radically reduce paperwork and manual entry as well to make up-to-date information readily available to all who need it.
  • Julie Riemer of DAAR Engineering, Inc.‚ÄĒJulie‚Äôs team addressed accessibility and security of data issues as they looked to replace an aging accounting and project management system. Working with individuals from Deltek and SilverEdge, DAAR selected Deltek Vision 7.2 enhanced with ODBC and Vision Cloud. Their innovative solution reduced software and hardware costs and ensured automatic updates of Vision software.
  • Heidi Rasmussen and Ryan Rasmussen¬†of Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering, LLC‚ÄĒ Their team needed a business management system that would help them keep up with their rapidly expanding young company. Cloud-based Deltek First Vision Essentials Plus and Kona by Deltek was the answer. The software addressed many issues including revenue leakage and access to critical information. The SaaS solutions allows A&E to hire talented people across the country.

Each of the winners and finalists were submitted to nomination for the Deltek 2015 Excellence Awards.