SilverEdge recently announced it’s winner and finalists for the Silveredge Project Excellence Awards, an annual award given to to recognize and award excellence and innovation in the use of Deltek solutions.

To make the announcement a little more fun and exciting, SilverEdge sent each of the finalists and winner a singing telegram to present their award. 

The winner of the 2014 SilverEdge Project Excellence Award was: 

  • Nathan Mintier of GaiaTech— Nathan received the award for creating a Change Order Request Process that has created greater insight into projects and created more revenue opportunities for the company. Nathan was serenaded by Neil Dixon Smith as he played a song and sang, “SilverEdge has sent me, Neil Dixon Smith, to deliver this message to you Nathan, their valued client.” He then played a few more songs and presented him with his CD as a gift.  As the winner, Nathan also received a pass to Deltek Insight and $500 donation to the charity of his choice. 

The finalists for the award, who both recieved a $250 gift certificate, were: 

  • Pat Yedlicka of the Farnsworth Group—Pat’s team implemented a validation workflow that would track common errors at the time of entry for both expenses and time. Not only would the workflow point out the error to the user, but it would give input on how to correctly input the information, thus educating the employee and preventing future errors. Pat received her news from a special singing telegram Elizabeth Lakamp of
  • Laura Ott of Christopher B Burke Engineering—Laura’s team developed company practices including staff training in their use of Vision Navigator. For her special on-site announcement, Laura was also serenaded by Neil Dixon Smith.

Each of the SilverEdge finalists and winner were also submitted to nomination for the Deltek 2014 Project Excellence Awards. During Insight 2014 General Session, Nathan Mintier was selected as a Finalist for the Deltek Project Excellence Award.