Upgrade to Deltek Vantagepoint with SilverEdge

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your Deltek Vision to Deltek Vantagepoint in the most efficient way possible? Search no further! Each team member at SilverEdge has a specialization within Deltek’s Vision and Vantagepoint, which ensures that our clients are receiving the highest quality resource for their specific module, project, or support concern.

Our team takes our motto of “For the Love of our Clients” seriously because we succeed when our clients succeed. SilverEdge works closely with clients who are upgrading from Vision to Vantagepoint spending time understanding your goals, initiatives and challenges. We have also developed unique tools to make your upgrade as easy as possible, such as the SilverEdge Testing Info Center, Collaborative online Timeline, and Customizable Training modules in Word and Powerpoint format.

  • Testing Info Center Module – leads clients through a step-by-step process for preparing Vision data on one side and testing your Vantagepoint solution on the other.
  • SilverEdge at Your Service – our team of professionals is here to serve our valued and loved clients through the entire upgrade process by hosting check in meetings, responding to questions, and providing training.
  • Training Modules – our team has prepared training modules for all aspects of upgrading to the latest release of Vantagepoint and will customize them to our client’s business practices.
  • Collaboration Timeline – provides clients a timeline for their Vantagepoint Upgrade, complete with due dates and task checkoff lists.

A two-time Deltek Project Excellence Award Winner, SilverEdge has successfully and efficiently led many clients from Deltek Vision to Deltek Vantagepoint over the past years. Clients appreciate our team making the upgrade transition as smooth as possible, utilizing the most efficient processes. Whether it’s implementation of a module, integration of an acquisition, migration to the Cloud, or upgrading from Deltek Vision to Deltek Vantagepoint, the SilverEdge team is at your service and centered around you, our valued client.