Every month we meet with our clients to celebrate their successes. It’s a great way to learn best practices, discover new ways of doing things and to encourage each other.   As an added bonus, we award one of the success story contributors with $100.  Here are a few ways that clients expressed their successes in working with Deltek Vision at our last session:

  • We recently switched to the paperless invoice approval process, it was a big change as we were VERY paper oriented in the past. We are in the second month and overall it has received positive reviews.

  • We added an Auto User Defined Info Center including a workflow to email the employee their portion of the fleet cost for the month. We have workflows with alerts when License Plates need to be renewed and emission tests are due. We also maintain a history of mileage and costs for all cars in the fleet and who the assigned employees is for the car.

  • We custom developed an info center to track employee assets along with company property. It keeps track of computer equipment, cell phones, vehicles, etc.

  • We just finished a new info center that calculates benefit accrual hours for our hourly employees and posts to Vision.

  • We have a staff of 23 people and about two thirds of them travel frequently for our projects. Our staff used to do their expenses on an Excel sheet and then our accounting staff would enter them into Deltek to process the payments. Of course, we realized this was double work and could be handled in a more efficient manner but we were hesitant to let our staff enter their own expenses into Deltek. Could they handle it? Would they be confused? Would they mess everything up and cause problems that would be hard to solve? After attending the Deltek Insight conference, we were encouraged and had the confidence to give it a try. We prepared an instruction template for entering employee expenses into the Deltek system and then presented it at a staff meeting. Since then, we have implemented this system and now, most of our staff are using it and have no problems. It is far more efficient than our previous process and our employees have not had any complaints about it. 

  • We don’t have the purchase order module so we created a custom info center to track and obtain approvals for purchase orders. We created workflows to alert approvers when purchase orders are ready.

  • We recently acquired a new company mid year. Deb was able to help us load prior payroll witholding amounts so that we can print 1 W2 at the end of the year rather than having a W2 from the prior processor and a separate 9 month W2 from vision. Also, it helps us to not over collect on SS taxes and pay extra unemployment. And we recently started emailing paystubs! Everyone is loving it!

Be sure to participate in our next Client Community Day on July 24. We’ll also be talking about how to make an assessment and overall plan for CRM implementations. You can register on our events page.