Released earlier in the year, the Gartner Survey Analysis: Adoption of Cloud ERP, contained some key findings about the rate at which CIO’s and application leaders are planning for a move to the cloud with their core ERP systems. The survey was conducted using Gartner Reasearch Circle member companies in North America, EMEA, APC and Latin America ranging in size from $10M to $10B. The goal of the survey was to conclude whether CIO’s and applications leaders were still planning to move to the cloud; either through SaaS offerings or any other form of cloud delivery service. 

Some of the key findings included: 

  • Forty-seven percent of organizations surveyed said they would move the majority of their core ERP systems to the cloud within five years, although only 2% said they had already done so.
  • Thirty percent of organizations surveyed said they planned to keep the majority of their ERP systems on-premises for the foreseeable future. Manufacturing organizations dominated this survey segment.
  • Seventeen percent of organizations surveyed said they didn’t know what their plans for cloud ERP were. This category was highest represented among banking and insurance companies.
  • Small and midsize companies are embracing core ERP in the cloud, while most of the largest companies plan to keep core ERP on-premises. Planned adoption in EMEA lags the rest of the world for the next three years, but this will accelerate in the three- to five-year time frame.

Part of the reason for the accelerating desire to move to cloud-based ERP systems, include: 

  • Increased visibility throughout the enterprise with real-time information access
  • Ability to adapt quickly to change with a solution that can be modified quickly to meet changes in business landscape
  • Greater real-time collaboration among all employees, clients and vendors throughout the entire supply chain 

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