At SilverEdge, we go all out to make sure our clients have a successful, fun and memorable time at Deltek’s annual Insight event.

At Deltek Insight 2018 in Dallas, TX, we shared our knowledge of new and innovative products, gave and introduced presentations, and connected with our valued clients and Deltek staff.

While wearing our heart-shaped SilverEdge sunglasses, we were inspired by Johnny Cupcake’s tee-shirts and presentation — sharing his story of doing things differently, instead of “B2B” to “H2H” – or Human to Human, making your business about the personal touch, and a company philosophy that resonated with all who love Deltek products and solutions.

We honored our client speakers who shared industry-leading informational discussions by introducing them before each talk, and awarding them personalized gifts for contributing valuable information to our Deltek Community.

When clients walk away from an event like Deltek Insight, they feel inspired by what they’ve learned and they want to share the information and improve processes to better help their own internal teams.

At Deltek Insight, clients are surrounded by like-minded people who share the same passion for knowledge, a desire to best serve their own clients, internal and external, and a keen eye for innovation.

Please view our slide show to discover how SilverEdge embraced Deltek Insight 2018, and remember to look for us at future Deltek events.