In his keynote speech at Engineers Week, Dr. Bernard Amadei, founding president of Engineers Without Borders, gave a remarkable talk about his passion for engineering, his Engineers Without Borders program and how he believes engineering should be lead with the heart. Here is the audio recording of Dr. Ahmedei’s keynote talk: 

As the culmination of a year-round portfolio of student programs and competitions, Engineers Week celebrates the week of George Washington’s birthday in honor of the first president’s background as an engineer and land surveyor. Amadei was awarded the prestigious Washington Award. Developed in 1916, the award is a reminder that the first president was an engineer, and recognizes an engineer whose accomplishments have “pre-eminently promoted the happiness, comfort and well-being of humanity.” Other famous engineers that have received the award include Neil Armstrong, Herbert Hoover, Henry Ford and Bill Nye. 

Amadei is also a professor of Civil Engineering at the University Colorado at Boulder and his current research interests include sustainability and global development through the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities. Amadei is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a recipient of the Hoover Prize which is awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies “outstanding civic or humanitarian service” in the engineering profession.