It was so much fun being around so many really smart people at Engineers Week in Chicago a few weeks ago and to see so many young people awarded for their talents. The event was created to rally together organizations and volunteers in engaging students in engineering and included a LEGO building challenge by the Chicago Architecture Foundation and a “Girls Day” to show young women the creative and collaborative way engineering is changing the world. SilverEdge was grateful to be a sponsor and attend the 101st presentation of the Washington Award at The Palmer House Hilton, as well as hear the key note presentation by Bill Nye, one of the most visible personalities in science and engineering and also the recipient of this year’s award.

Who’s Bill Nye? Well, here’s how Chris Burke introduced him at the awards banquet, “by the numbers:”

  1. Is the number of degrees he earned: Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University
  2. Is the number of the Dancing with the Stars episodes where he injured his leg
  3. Is the number of honorary doctorates and pets he has
  4. Is the number of years he served as Rhodes professor (longest at Cornell)
  5. Is the number of books he has authored and number of days since he was on Meet the Press for Global Warming
  6. Is the number of E-Cards you can get from
  7. Is the number of Emmys he received for Bill Nye, The Science Guy
  8. Is the number of University commencement speeches he has given


At SilverEdge, we viewed sponsoring Engineers Week as an opportunity to join in the celebration of engineers and the contribution they have in our society. Did you or your organization attend Engineers Week? We’d love to hear what you learned or experienced during the week. Please share in the comments section below or in our Kona Client Community.

We’d also like to share some of the photos from the awards ceremony. If you’d like a copy of a photo in the gallery, please send the image number to [email protected].

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