Who’s Eligible?

All SilverEdge customers worldwide with live or in-production Deltek solutions are eligible.  Nominations for multiple Deltek projects and implementations may be submitted. Ask yourself these questions if you are unsure if you should submit your nomination:

  • Have you leveraged your Deltek Vision investment innovatively?
  • Is there something unique about how you are utilizing Deltek Vision?
  • Who in your firm has benefited the most from your creative use of Deltek Vision?

 How Do I Submit My Nomination?

1.  Download the 2019 SilverEdge Project Innovation Excellence Award Nomination Form
2.  Complete the nomination form (MS Word Document)
3.  Submit your nomination

You have until August 16, 2019 to submit your nomination.

Excellence Award Details

Judging Criteria
Background of the Project: Detail the business challenges and needs that prompted the Deltek solution. Describe the software package used prior to Deltek. Detail why Deltek solution was selected.

Project Description: List Deltek modules in use. Describe the implementation including the number of users, locations, international use, etc. Discuss of the organizational benefits derived from the Deltek solution.

Project Benefits: Discuss the qualitative and quantitative benefits the organization gained from the Deltek software. Describe how Deltek has driven innovation within your organization. Include as many measurable statistics as possible.

Judging Process and Deadlines
Nominations are to be submitted by August 16, 2019 and must be submitted using the online submission portal. Nominations will be judged objectively. The greatest weight will be given to nominations that most closely answer the judging criteria listed above.  The judging panel will select finalists and award winners.

Email questions regarding the nomination process to [email protected]