Does your resource management system require retrieving information from multiple, unrelated sources? Would you like to move from this time-consuming process to one that integrates scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, and resource management? Deltek Vision’s Resource Planning module enables you to do just that, helping you avoid errors and risk by placing all the all the tools you need to track costs and manage project plans in one convenient application.

You’ll be able to:

  • Track costs and manage project plans from the opportunity phase through project completion
  • Provide needed tools to your project managers
  • Enjoy flexible reporting
  • Maximize your most important resources using a toolset created especially for managers and resource planners

Centralized management

Keep complete records in one place, eliminating sometimes difficult to locate, error-prone spreadsheets


Know which employee is assigned to what asset and improve your ability to monitor damage and theft. The ability to quickly locate assets when needed saves time and money.

Streamline decision making

Make strategic decisions about your fixed assets based on complete, up-to-date information and increase efficiency and ROI.