A growing firm, regardless of size, needs software that provides both control and visibility. Deltek Vision is built specifically for project-based companies, and now, Deltek’s SaaS ERP, Deltek First Vision Essentials™, is the first cloud-based solution with the same focus on engineering and architectural organizations.

Teaming with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Deltek delivers world-class cloud services with proven expertise and security. Your company will be able to provide integrated, up-to-date software solutions without upfront purchases and fees that can be prohibitive. In addition, First Vision Essentials automatically takes care of updates to software, backups, and security protocols.

You’ll be able to:

  • Start right away, without lengthy preparation often needed with onsite deployments
  • Depend on Deltek experts to monitor and maintain your system 24/7
  • Access the software from anywhere with basic internet connection
  • Rely on SSL encryption technology for secure data transmission and security scans

Centralized management

Keep complete records in one place, eliminating sometimes difficult to locate, error-prone spreadsheets


Know which employee is assigned to what asset and improve your ability to monitor damage and theft. The ability to quickly locate assets when needed saves time and money.

Streamline decision making

Make strategic decisions about your fixed assets based on complete, up-to-date information and increase efficiency and ROI.