New learning tools will help customers get up and running faster, increase user adoption and make the most of their Deltek solutions


HERNDON, Va.Feb. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses, recently launched its new Deltek Learning Zone – a one-stop-shop for Deltek learning tools through a wide array of options and opportunities. The Deltek Learning Zone is designed to help Deltek clients maximize their investment in Deltek solutions by helping them get up and running faster and increase user adoption.

Deltek University recently launched the new Learning Zone to offer clients numerous learning options with maximum flexibility to meet their specific schedules, budgets and learning preferences. The Deltek Learning Zone has a simple pricing approach and provides a range of training options including Virtual Live Classes, self‐paced learning classes, support videos, workflow and process oriented Infographics and quick reference guides.

In addition, Deltek University has also added a new hands-on learning lab, giving clients the ability to practice in a database that is not their own instance of Deltek software. This type of learning decreases the time it takes to be competent in the software, deepens comprehension, and is an important measure of how soon clients can productively apply what they have learned.

The Deltek Learning Zone includes:

  • An Extensive Content Library – The new Deltek Learning Zone offers a robust catalog of up-to-date content – created by the same people that design and build Deltek solutions.
  • A Simplified User Interface – With a few clicks, users can launch the online learning platform within a secure environment, and track progress along the way. Advanced reporting gives visibility into learning and development goals.
  • Flexible Learning – Clients can learn according to their preferred style, at their convenience. Deltek Learning Zone’s selection of online‐learning technology and tools allows users 24/7 global access to minimize business disruption and get quicker results.
  • Deltek Solution Certification – Deltek now offers rigorous solution certifications for users that have mastered Deltek solutions, enabling organizations to develop in-house experts and allowing individuals to showcase their Deltek solution mastery.

“The goal of Deltek Learning Zone is to provide our clients with an easy way to optimize their investments. We recognize that not everyone learns at the same pace or the same way. So unlike traditional single event classes or webinars, Deltek University offers the variety and flexibility people need to work with their schedules, budgets and learning styles,” said Mason Holloway, Senior Director of Deltek University.

“Our clients’ ability to use our solutions is a critical component of Deltek’s success. With the launch of Deltek Learning Zone we expect to see increased user adoption and accelerated use of our solutions – resulting in a quicker return on investment for our clients,” Brian Daniell, Senior Vice President of Customer Care.

For more information, you can access the Deltek Learning Zone online here or watch a brief video here.

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