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Schedule of Events With SilverEdge:


VIDPS-33 Meeting Our Labor Margins on Multicurrency Transactions:

Tuesday, Nov. 6th, 11:10AM-12:10 PM

What is the real cost of labor in other currencies? If you operate in more than one currency, you need to verify that the price you are quoting for someone’s services in one currency is going to cover the anticipated cost/profit margins of the employee working on a project that is billing in another currency. Now you can easily have this information available at your fingertips. In this session, learn how Design Systems, Inc. leveraged Vision to better manage their labor margins with multi-currency transactions. Design Systems, Inc. used a stored procedure, user defined fields, calculated fields and workflows to look at an employee record to see what their real cost today would be if an employee is paid in one currency but is working on a project that bills in another currency. Attendees will also learn how to use this information to see actual margins on labor transactions.

Speakers: Pat Valliere, Design Systems, Inc. and Dennis McGuire, SilverEdge Software Systems, Inc.

VIDPS-40 Success Story: How Kona Can Help You Manage Projects, Clients and Employees:

Tuesday, November 6th, 11:10 AM- 12:10 PM

Are you looking for ways to improve your project and company communication? This session is for you! Learn how you can use Kona for all your company communication needs. We will demonstrate how Kona can be used for onboarding, internal task management, project communication, project history, inner company chatter, company calendar, and team Building, as well as how it integrates with Deltek Vision. Fieldstone AE has received an Inc. 5000 award for one the fastest growing companies in the country. This growth allowed Fieldstone AE to expand into four offices throughout the country, including multiple employees working remotely: technology and great communication are essential for their success. Fieldstone AE has used Kona for the last few years to help them grow and ultimately communicate better, without the added expense and complexity of additional software. This session will highlight tips and tricks for how you can leverage Kona to improve your communications just like Fieldstone AE.

Speakers: Dunja Roscoe, Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering and Maria Vedral, SilverEdge Software

VIDPS-22 Success Story: Preparing Proposal Content in Vision Today for the Transition to DPS

Tuesday, Nov. 6th, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

In an effort to make their proposal process much more efficient, Primera spent the past 12 months migrating and merging all project and employee data from Microsoft Word files on a network drive into Deltek Vision. This session will outline the planning and implementation process, merging marketing and accounting project data, the key resources and stakeholders involved, and the project’s outcome. Learning objectives include how to approach the massive data entry project (2,000+ projects and 200 resumes), the importance of collaboration and communication with technical staff, lessons learned, and best practices for ensuring accurate data and user buy-in.

Speakers: Matt Dvorak and Katie Morris, Primera Engineers

VIDPS-93 The Best Little User Defined Info Centers and Hubs:

Tuesday, Nov. 6th, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The User Defined Info Center is a great way to track information you need in Vision and DPS and get rid of spreadsheets, Word documents and other inefficient storage methods. During this session, attendees will explore some great UDICs and Hubs that Vision users have implemented to manage various areas of their business including yearly employee reviews, software and computer tracking, payment requests, and much more. Attendees will also learn how to create their own UDICs and learn bet practices from many firms that have built their own UDICs.

Speakers: Deb Eastberg, SilverEdge Software Systems, Inc.



VIDPS-89 Leading Project Management Education and Initiatives:

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 9:50 AM-10:50 AM

At BHC Rhodes, accounting and project managers were speaking two different languages. Accounting had requirements on the accounting side of the projects that project managers did not understand and project managers wanted access to project information and a better understanding of how accounting information tied into their projects. To bring the two sides together, BHC Rhodes created project management training to establish consistent project management standards, better communication about project requirements and increased communication about project management needs. The result was a better relationship between accounting and project staff, which translates into greater efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

Speakers: Mickey Garcia and Jesi Cannon, BHC Rhodes

VIDPS-15 Success Story: Overcoming Objections to Being a Cloud-Based Company

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 11:10 AM-12:10 PM

Moving to the cloud is a big decision for many firms. Even more so for companies that have customized Deltek to work for them. Hesitation to make the transition for fear of losing access to data are major concerns for any company. This session will show how DAAR Engineering has used different tools and techniques to customize Deltek Vision and manipulate our data as needed including an ODBC connection and a Access database to create custom reports. Learn about the roadblocks within the limitations surrounding the ODBC connection they encountered and how they overcame them as well as how they have expanded to a standalone computer to build custom reports, run stored procedures and maintain control of their data.

Speakers: Shauna Lacey and Julie Riemer, DAAR Engineering

VIDPS-49 Success Story: Sales & Use Tax Configuration and Reporting for A/P and A/R:

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Symbiont was struggling to find an easy way to comprehensively capture sales and use tax data in Vision. They needed to identify gross sales, tax basis and tax owed by tax jurisdiction and track the tax owed as a liability. Using the tax auditing feature and some creative thinking, Symbiont was able to set up Vision to track tax liability for both accounts payable and accounts receivable. Join this session to see Symbiont’s tax configuration considerations, how they process transactions, and key reports to manage the process.

Speakers: Lisa Ahearn & Amanda Bailey, Symbiont

VIDPS-92 Success Story: Fleet Management – A One-Stop Shop

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 3:20 PM-4:20 PM

Tired of manually tracking your fleet mileage and vehicle information outside of Vision? Mead & Hunt has the solution – create a separate User Defined Info Center for your fleet management. Mead & Hunt implemented an automation that made it easy to track fleet mileage and other vehicle information directly in Deltek Vision. Now Mead & Hunt is planning to use the Fleet Info Center as a one-stop shop for all vehicle data, including registration documentation, vehicle inspection forms, vehicle equipment logs and vehicle maintenance records.

Speakers: Dixie Lyght & Kristin Greene, Mead & Hunt

VIDPS-61 Making DPS Yours Through Dashboard and Hub

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 4:40 PM-5:40 PM

DPS provides great tools to design and customize the hubs and dashboard. The hub designer makes creating and managing custom fields a snap while the dashboard designer give even great flexibility to get the most important information in front of users. In this session, attendees will learn how to use the hub and dashboard designers to customize the DPS environment. Attendees will also learn how converting to DPS will impact custom fields and dashboards and how to prepare for the transition.

Speakers: Dennis McGuire, SilverEdge

VIDPS-38 Success Story: Fall in Love with the Reject Button – Put Expense Report Approvals to Work for You:

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 4:40 PM-5:40 PM

When Symbiont upgraded to Vision 7.6, they configured the expense report approval workflow to automate a majority of their preliminary expense report review process. Supervisors and accountants have fallen in love with the reject button! Most of the common errors in expense report entry are now addressed before the reports make it to accounting for final approval. Attendees will walk through how they set up their expense report process and approvals as well as new ideas to improve your company’s efficiency with expense report approval workflows.

Speakers: Lisa Ahearn & Amanda Bailey, Symbiont

VIDPS-105 Success Story: Vision to DPS – Preparing for a Clean Migration

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 4:40 PM-5:40 PM

Change can be exciting and a great opportunity to look at how you manage your business with fresh eyes. In this session, learn how Primera Engineers is preparing for a clean migration from Vision to DPS. They will share how they built a team of champions from every key functional area within the company to make sure all aspects of the business are represented. This session will cover how Primera is using the migration to review current processes to identify areas for improvement, mapping out the process for migration and executing the plan. Attendees will also learn best practices for preparing your company for a clean transition to DPS.

Speakers: Melissa Clark, Primera Engineers, Ltd.



VIDPS-36 Creating Harmony between Accounting and Project Staff with a Vision Work Order Process: Thursday, Nov. 8th, 8:30AM-9:30AM
Do you hear “Why do I need to put it into Vision?” Join this session to learn how one firm planned, developed and implemented a work order form automation system in Vision CRM to increase system utilization and acceptance. This process not only streamlined the submission of vital new project information to accounting but is a great tool to lead people to Vision as a means for tracking client intelligence and proposals.

Speakers: Dennis McGuire and Adam Sitterding, SilverEdge Software Systems, Inc. and Kathryn Tayman, Draper Aden Associates

VIDPS-91 Do More with User Defined Info Centers and Grids

Thursday, Nov. 8th, 8:30AM-9:30AM
Harness the power of Vision by creating User Defined Info Centers (UDICs) and grids. Learn how one firm used UDICs to track corporate vehicles, equipment and master contracts. Attendees will see how to plan and create UDICs as well as detailed examples of DAAR Engineering’s UDICs with workflows to streamline processes. Get rid of Excel spreadsheets with custom grids and see an example of how DAAR created a custom project grid for sub-consultant tracking and contract history. Put the information in reach of your users, especially remote users that might not always have access to the network server, but can see information in Vision.

Speakers: Shauna Lacey and Julie Riemer, DAAR Engineering

VIDPS-90 Success Story: Taking Action and Getting Results with a Successful Training Program Thursday, Nov. 8th, 8:30AM-9:30AM
A Vision Training Program is a success to any organization and keeping your employees engaged in Vision is easier than one might think. In this session, learn how Mead & Hunt offers a continuous series of mandatory and non-mandatory training, where employees are staying informed, acquiring new skills, and learning all that Vision has to offer. Both your company and your employees will benefit from the new tools learned, which will increase their contribution to the business and build their self-esteem.

Speakers: Dixie Lyght and Krisin Greene, Mead & Hunt

VIDPS-79 Vision Reporting: The Truth is Out There

Thursday, Nov. 8th, 9:50 AM-10:50 AM

How do you get the information you need out of Vision? Vision has a powerful package of standard reports, but users need to find the right report and set up the right options and columns to get the report they need. During this session, attendees will get answers to a list of common questions about reports and report options. This session will cover the differences between reports, why users might select one report over another, the report options that can affect the data you receive and features available within report preview that can help you to extract the data you need. Attendees will also learn which reports can be used for data clean up as well as some previews that make searching for specific information much easier.

Speakers: Deb Eastberg, SilverEdge Software Systems.






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